black and white flower


About me…well…I am 19 years old. My B-day is August 13th 1993. I live in California. I go by Krys. (Chris is how you would pronounce it.) I love to read, write, draw, play soccer, get hugs (lots of hugs!), sing, photography and photoshop, and sleeping. I grew up in the mountains, moved into the city for a bit then moved back, thank God. I am one of those weird people that actually like rain and snow and while the city got rain there was no snow (the lowest temps I remember were 50 when we were there.). Hmm I’m not sure what else I can put in here. I’m not the best at talking about myself. If anyone has questions go ahead and ask and I will answer as honestly as possible. Have a great day/week/month/year/life!


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