I wonder if you realize how many labels we have in this world. Mind you not all of them are innately bad. But in the end they are. They are things we use to box things up. We label things so we can put them into a certain category. This person over here is of a different skin color than yours, if it’s “black” (no such thing really but…anyway…) then you start to assume they are dangerous. Not to be trusted. OR that they are the only people you can trust be cause all the “white” people are out to get you. It may not be that extreme in your head. But by putting that label on them as “white” or “black” you’ve already separated them, they have become different in your mind.

Now I’m not saying we’re not all different and unique. We really are all different and unique. We are all beautiful and wonderful in our own individual ways. But the problem is that even when you call someone beautiful it’s not completely good. Because that means there is a box labeled beautiful, and there are people that don’t fit in that box. They are left out. OR they are trapped in it. Being beautiful has it’s own downside all on its own. 

I’m not saying to get rid of all labels, honestly I don’t think it’s possible to do that. I think we should just be more wary of the boxes we create and what labels we put on them and what we make those boxes out of. Are they easily opened? Can people get in or out? Can change occur? Or are they metal boxes that are not made to be opened? 


Oh, and something I want to say, something that is helping me be me, to grow stronger in me. “The only label I accept as true is Child of God.” In the end that is the only thing that matters. It does not matter if I am “black”, “white”, “fat”, “skinny”, “smart”, “dumb”, etc. Because all of those labels are different to different people. Fat could be a small little bump on the stomach for one person while for another it’s a small planet residing on their stomach. Skinny could be the same thing. All of these labels are made up by humans and are used to tell us where we stand in society. Are we “accepted” or are we “outcasts” because we don’t quiet fit into the boxes we are supposed to. 


I am a Child of God. Nothing can ever change that fact. And no other label is anywhere near as important than that fact.Image


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